Terms of Sale

1. Quotes and orders

Orders placed do not become final until after

acceptance and confirmation by our acknowledgment of receipt of

orders. No telephone order can be accepted,

it must be confirmed in writing on headed paper. Acceptance

of our quotes entails the buyer's agreement on our conditions

of general sales. In the event of an order, the delivery to be made

will only include the material specified in the quote.

Installation, connection, plumbing, cooling and electricity costs

are the responsibility of the customer.

2. Price

Our prices are understood to be exclusive of tax. The invoices are

established according to the conditions defined prices and taxes in force on the day

of delivery.

3 - Deadlines

Delivery times given are purely

indicative and without obligation on our part. A delay in delivery

gives the buyer neither the right to cancel the order, nor the right to claim

compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by this delay.

4 - Transport and delivery

The products travel at the risk and peril of the purchaser.

It is the recipient's responsibility not to order the carrier to

unload the equipment only after ensuring that the equipment is in good condition


The words "subject to unpacking" have no value. During

upon receipt of a delivery it is necessary to proceed with the operations

following in the presence of the carrier:

a - Unpack and check the condition of the package (s) and the goods.

b - In the event of damage or missing equipment noted: write on

the delivery slip in capital letters the precise details of the damage.

c - Send to the carrier by Registered Letter with Acknowledgment of

Receipt within 3 WORKING DAYS details of the damage observed.

d - Send a copy of this letter to Rotisserie Concepts together with the

copy of the postal receipt acknowledging receipt.

In the event that these provisions are not respected, the costs of

repair of the equipment would be the responsibility of the purchaser.

5 - Payments

The payment of a deposit implies that there is no way for

the buyer to withdraw from his obligations or to retract. He can

be ordered to pay damages if he retracts.

The buyer agrees not to cease the planned payments under any circumstances,

even if a difference or a dispute arises between the contracting parties

or their beneficiaries.

Any late payment, whatever the cause, as of right, without

no formality, runs on the amount of unpaid sums

interest at the rate of 2.50% per month without prejudice to others

cumulatively planned actions.

In the event of non-payment by the agreed deadline, it will be due as

lump-sum compensation automatically, a sum of 15% of the

amount of the debt, without prejudice to legal interest and costs

of justice. In addition, we reserve the right to demand payment

of the other materials carried out, even not yet arrived at

deadline, and to suspend the execution of orders other than

we could have accepted. Late payment penalties are payable without

that a reminder is necessary.

6 - Guarantee

Rotisserie Concepts guarantees for a period of 12 MONTHS from

from the invoice date the conformity of the materials manufactured to

ROTISOL specifications. In the event of a manufacturing defect, the

exchange or repair of equipment recognized as defective will be processed.

The exchange of parts under warranty obliges the buyer to provide the copy

of the original invoice for the equipment. The cost and risks of transport,

disassembly-reassembly costs, spare parts as well as

the on-site repair costs (staff, stay and equipment) are payable

charge of the buyer.

The warranty does not cover any defects that may arise from failure

compliance with installation, use and maintenance or non-compliance with

applicable standards (example: poor installation, connection error

electric, gas, overvoltage), from a cause unrelated to the equipment (e.g. lightning,

flood etc.), abnormal use and modification or intervention

from the purchaser or a third party.

For proper installation and use of the equipment, comply

STRICTLY to technical data sheets (on request), instructions for use

attached to the material.

The following parts are excluded from the warranty:

- glass (we advise our customers to take out insurance

"Broken glass") ;

- quartz, glass-ceramic, halogen lamps and other bulbs;

- granites;

- programmer front panel, control board, thermostat;

- door gaskets and various seals as well as rubber parts;

- drain pipes, hand shower hose;

- feet, castors and castor-brakes;

- burners and other components exposed to fire (example: case of bluing


- planetary swing drive system (poor balancing

poultry loads that can cause mechanical blockage);

- deterioration due to infiltration of grease in the parts

technical or non-maintenance of the extractor hood packaging).

To benefit from the guarantee, all defective parts must

be returned within 8 days.

Equipment replaced under warranty is itself guaranteed for

the period remaining to run under the initial guarantee. After the initial warranty

of period 12 MONTHS, any new part replaced or shipped will bear

the postage or labor and travel costs in force and will be

guaranteed 3 MONTHS from the invoice date.

In the event of a dispute, the customer will be required to provide the original invoice;

The absence of this document will invalidate the warranty. Any technical assistance on the part of Rotisserie Concepts is subject to an estimate and invoicing to the client. NB: In the event of a transaction between individuals of branded equipment still under warranty, it is up to Rotisserie Concepts to validate or not the effective continuation of this guarantee.

7 - Retention of title clauses

Rotisserie Concepts retains full ownership of the equipment making

the subject of the contract until full payment of the invoiced price. Until

At this time, the material will be considered as consigned in deposit

Until full payment, the goods cannot be resold without

prior agreement.

In the event of non-compliance by the buyer with one of the payment deadlines,

the equipment will remain the property of Rotisserie Concepts until full payment

price (law n ° 80.335 of 12 May 1980).

As soon as the equipment is delivered, the customer will be fully responsible for

cases of theft, loss or destruction; he undertakes, to this end, to ensure

the materials. In the event of seizure made by third parties on the equipment, the

customer is required to inform Rotisserie Concepts without delay, by registered letter

with acknowledgment of receipt.

8 - Shipments

All our shipments: repairs, spare parts, accessories,

spices, cleaning products, etc., are payable against reimbursement.

9 - Specific

"compensation and indemnification" clauses

Any financial compensation to the manufacturer is

excluded with regard to direct or indirect damage

caused by inactivity of the equipment for various causes: breakdown,

dispatch of spare parts, delivery time, repair time on

place or workshop.

Rotisserie Concepts is not liable for any compensation towards third parties for

consequences of the use of the equipment, whether it is damage

direct or indirect, accidents to natural persons,

property damage separate from material loss of profits.






Payment is required in advance in full before shipment.


Pricing, Models, Specifications, Capacities and Accessories are subject to

change without notice.


Method of shipment will be determined by ROTISOL S.A. unless otherwise advise.


All merchandise shipped at purchaser’s risk. Inspection must be made by purchaser

when goods are received. If goods are damaged when received the purchaser

must then immediately file a claim for damage. GOODS DAMAGED IN SHIPPING



The prices indicated here in DO NOT include any taxes, nor do they include

charges or fees, permits, insurance, export duties or other levies. Such cost be

paid by the Purchaser.