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We'll meet with you to find the perfect rotisserie for your business,

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The Grandes Flammes Millenium is our premium gas rotisserie.

The rotisserie can be customized from basic stainless steel finishes, to the premium lux enamelled finish.
It has capacity for 4-64 birds depending on the chosen model.

It is available in a gas or an electric version.

An easy to arrange spit setup, allows for cooking flat style chicken and other meats. The Grandes Flammes
Millenium rotisserie range can be found around the world in respected establishments like Harrods
of London and Shangri-La Hotels, to chicken shops and rotisserie restaurants.

This is probably one of the most popular rotisseries in Rotisol’s range. It is a beautifully crafted,
robust appliance that offers years of service.

With premium components and a superior design and build, this appliance is a true work horse. It has
an enormous choice in spits Almost anything can be cooked on this rotisserie.

The same component quality is maintained through the entire range.

Rotisserie 1375.8MLG black and brass
Rotisserie Special MarkeT

Special Market

The Rotisol Special Market Rotisserie is the rotisserie of choice for high volume chicken shops, bulk caterers, food vans and market operators.

The Special Market range of rotisseries have been designed by Rotisol with performance, practicality and mobility in mind.

They’re the ideal rotisserie for use in:
  • Supermarkets
  • Deli’s
  • Chicken Shops
  • and more!

They’re light weight and compact, so are also the ideal rotisserie for caterers, market stalls and food trucks, and offer a rapid output together with exceptional cooking quality.

Conscious of the energy cost involved for our clients, the SPECIAL MARKET rotisserie has energy saving reinforced elements, that enables the rapid roasting of a variety of products.

Special Market electric rotisseries are available in 8 different model sizes with capacities from 20 – 56 birds per hour based on a size 12 bird (1.2kg).

The powerful electrical heating elements provide an even distribution of heat throughout the unit – enabling fast batch cooking of poultry; a size 12 bird (1.2 kg) will cook in 1 hour.

Performances Electric Rotisseries

Performances – Our electric rotisseries for supermarket batch cooking. This is the supermarket rotisserie preferred by
CarreFour, Le Clerc and other premium super market brands around the globe.
Capacities from 32-56 birds.

This appliance is designed for batch cooking with minimum adjustments to settings. The Performances supermarket style rotisserie
is available in a range of high capacity electrical models

Perf 1320 6 radiant

Roti Roaster Electric Basket Rotisserie

Roti-Roaster – The energy frugal electric oven style convection electric basket rotisserie.

This electric basket rotisserie is great for applications where energy efficient compact cooking solutions are required. Energy consumption across this entire range is really good, with the 80 bird rotisserie only requiring 16.8kw to run. The smallest 10 bird appliance operates at 3.85kw, which is a touch over 15amps.

Capacities from 10-80 birds.

The major advantages of this appliance are:

  • Simplicity of load and unload.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Relatively low site set-up costs.
  • Ease of operation.

Smaller sizes do not require mechanical extraction, making this an easy option for convenience stores and super markets.