The Brasilia rotisserie is used to roast open spatchcock style chickens in varying styles and flavors. The rotisserie accelerates the cooking time which doubles production, whilst keeping the same energy consumption.

Marinated grilled chicken

  • 27 chickens marinated in 30 minutes
  • Reduced gas consumption 9 spits = 15 kW
  • Compact design with optimised dimensions (shadow depth : 450 mm)
  • Quick return on investment with a margin of 4 Euros/poultry over operating time of 120 days.
  • Profit from your purchase within the first year from as little as 9 birds / day


  • Full stainless steel unit
  • Interior lighting
  • Double visibility and accessibility
  • Tinted safety glass
  • Integrated juice tray
  • Removable Radiant burners gas (manufactured by ROTISOL)
rotisol brasilia front full 2