The Grandes Flammes Millenium is our premium gas rotisserie.

The rotisserie can be customized from basic stainless steel finishes, to the premium lux enamelled finish.
It has capacity for 4-64 birds depending on the chosen model.

It is available in a gas or an electric version.

An easy to arrange spit setup, allows for cooking flat style chicken and other meats. The Grandes Flammes
Millenium rotisserie range can be found around the world in respected establishments like Harrods
of London and Shangri-La Hotels, to chicken shops and rotisserie restaurants.

This is probably one of the most popular rotisseries in Rotisol’s range. It is a beautifully crafted,
robust appliance that offers years of service.

With premium components and a superior design and build, this appliance is a true work horse. It has
an enormous choice in spits Almost anything can be cooked on this rotisserie.

The same component quality is maintained through the entire range.

Grandes Flammes Millenium Rotisserie Range



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